New Arrivals

The Wine House is constantly seeking new wines to serve our guests in an effort to remain atop emerging markets, benefit from sales patterns, and keep it interesting!  As always, the first requiement is that the wine be well made and balanced.  Next we look for varietal or location correctness, and then we ask - "will a majority of our guests find this enjoyable"?  If the new wine makes it this far, we then look to price to determine if such a buy is worth the effort.

Our distributors do not take inventory for us, nor do we have allegiance to a brand with blind faith vinatge after vintage - constantly changing the stock is most of the fun - & a great way to save our guests from disappointment!!

Here's an updated list of newer items, without rank or order.  Enjoy!!


Geyser Peak: Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Geyser Peak: Red Wine Blend 2012

Concannon Vineyard: Petite Sirah 2013


Tinto Negro: Malbec 2014