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Presale/Prestige brands

On a daily basis we enjoy the interaction with our guests as we teach, taste and sell wine.  A portion of our business less visible is the network of distributors and wineries developed over time.  These connections allow The Wine House to source products perhaps unfound in more corporate stores; much of this inventory never "hits" the shelves.  We love the hunt for great wines & look forward to new introductions brought to our attention! 

In addition, many of the wines requested are sold quickly through a pre-sell system that requires first knowledge, then the ability to react in a timely manner.  We have an email list for our collectors, a special order book for requests, and an ongoing list compiled for persons who visit the store.  Dates and pricing always fluctuate, yet The Wine House has the ability to bring in items many others look right past. Below are some items that are on our radar (and may have come into the store already). 

If you have interest in these or similar products, please email or call Matt/Tim directly - we do our best to respond within 24 hours - or show us where the next best Wine is!!

Max Ferdinand Richter Estate Rieslings from the Mosel, 2010 Vintage, arrival October:   Graacher Himmelreich Kabinett, Braunberger Juffer Kabinett, Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spatlese, Braunberger Sonnenuhr-Juffer Auslese, and Mulheimer Helenkloster Eiswein Cask 73!!!  Place requests by 9/1 to ensure the import pricing - we will have some left in store at regular pricing this fall. By his own claim when he came to the store, the highest vintage acidity since 1980!  Dirk Richter is known for fermentation in neutral oak (10 years of water soak first!) and a modest skin contact regimen to balance the acidity.   Lively barely describes the reality of these wines!  I chose the WS Spatlese, Tim the BJS Auslese.... and what a treat the Eiswein!!

Dal Forno Romano (can you believe this?) Valpolicella 2005 and Amarone 2004!  Serious inquiries only please.  These wines are 95 to 98 pts each year, this the most coveted firm in the area, and we can get forward pricing for those who wish - the Valpo for about $90!!!  Blueberries, crushed rocks, minerals, violets, leather.... oh the heaven - Galloni admitted it was a wine he didn't spit when he reviewed! These two are only babies, to be opened 2012 to 2020, although a few hours on the counter and why not now too?

CALIFORNIA & OREGON PINOT NOIRPali (i. e. Keefer 2008) - Kosta Browne - Landmark (i.e. G. Detour 2008) - Kanzler - ZD - Sea Smoke - Roar - Mara - Rochioli - Walter Hansel - Capiaux - Williams Seylem - Chasseur - Siduri - Fallia - Littorai - Radio Coteau - Goldeneye - Dumol - Sojourn - Eric Kent - Saxon Brown - P. Hobbs - Gothis - Evening Land - Patton Valley - Domaine Serene - Beau Freres - Archery Summit - Roco - Ken Wright - Expression 44 - Witness Tree - Boedecker - Auteur - Bethel Heights - Delancelotti - Elk Cove - Tori Mor - Mayasara - Solena - Lachini - Soter - Penner Ash - Sineann - St Innocent - Scott Paul - Stoller - Patricia Green -

CALIFORNIAN CHARDONNAY: Talley (i.e. Rincon) - Rudd (i.e. Bacigalupi) - Kistler - Lewis - Kesner - P. Hobbs - Ridge Santa Cruz - Vine Cliff - Barnett - Pahlmeyer - Hansel - Dierberg - Dumol - ZD - Kongsgaard - Peter Michael - Rochioli - Evening Land - Lucia - Gorman - Neyers - and Buty (WA) and Woodward Canyon (WA)

CALIFORNIAN & WASHINGTON REDS: Pahlmeyer - Duckhorn - Pride - Paloma - Biale - Hendry - Buoncristiani Bros. - Shafer - P. Hobbs - Chapellet - Caymus - Plumpjack - Dunn - Montelena - Heitz Cellars - Ladera - Lewis - Rudd - Snowden - Janzen - Spotteswoode - Larkin - Larkmead - Eagle's Trace - Cain - Bond - Leonetti - Andrew Will - Cadence - Quilceda Creek - Doyenne - Woodward Canyon - Gorman - Feather - Pepper Bridge - Betz - Samsara - Tensley -  

BORDEAUX: The 2009 pre-sell is underway - please request our full list in person or email.  Delivery is in 2012 and we represent all First thru Four growths, with a variety of Fifth and lesser known greats!  Of course, St. Emilion and Pomerol are on the sheet also.  As for past vintages, we have information that can be sent to you re bottles and partial cases still available on the market.  Further, 2005 has long sold out.  There are some bargains as Distributors move out inventory!


BRUNELLO & BAROLO: Pre-sell items below are subject to availability/arrival as it's getting late in the game - yet still in play.   These are in addition to our regular selections and by no means represent the full amount of items to source.

2006/2005 Brunellos upcoming: La Poderina (92pts), Fossacole (92pts), Argiano (92pts), Lisini (92pts, Riserv. 94pts), Costanti (93pts, Risrv. 94pts), San Filippo "Le Lucere" (92pts), Siro Pacenti (93pts)Gaja in Tuscany "Renina" (93pts) & "Sugarille" (95pts), Il Poggione (93pts)

2007 Barolos upcoming: Macarini "La Serra" (92pts) & "Brunate" (94pts), Einaudi "Costa Grimaldi" (94pts), Ca' Rome "Rapet" (92pts) & "Vigna Ceretta" (92pts), Conterno Fantino "Sori Ginestra" (94pts) & "Mosconi" (93pts), Altare "Arborina" 06 (96pts), Azelia "Bricco Fiasco" (95pts) & "San Rocco" (96pts), Clerico "Ciabot Mentin Ginestra" (98pts) & "Pajana" (96pts), La Spinetta "Campe" (93pts), Manzone "Le Gramolere" (92pts) & "Casteletto" (92pts), Giacosa "Roche" 05 (97pts) & "Faletto" (94pts), Prunotto (92pts) & Prunotto "Bussia" (94pts), Voerzio "Brunate" (98pts) & "Sarmassa" (97pts), Ciarlo "Cannubi" (93pts), Pio Cesare (94pts)

Barbaresco 2007 upcoming: Ca'Rome "Sori Rio Sordo" (93pts) & "Maria di Brun" (93pts), La Spinetta "Starderi" (94pts), Moccagatta "Basarin" (93pts) & "Bric Balin" (94pts), Cortese "Rabaja" (94pts), Giacosa "Asili" (94pts), Prunotto "Rabaja" (95pts), Gaja (94pts), Chiarlo "Asili" (93pts)