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Argentina has recently emerged as a serious wine producer in the world market, becoming the fifth largest wine country in the world. As little as 20 years ago almost all wine produced in Argentina was consumed at the local level. Argentina has the greatest concentration of high altitude vineyards in the world equating to the Grand Cru classifcation of Old World areas. Benefits here include deeper aromatics, depth of color, and extended length on the finish for red wines.

Areas to Look For

Mendoza, Calchaqua, and Patagonia


Premium Houses to Look For

Alta Vista, Achavel Ferrer, Catena, and Colome


Houses that Won't Break the Bank

Norton, Trapiche, and Michel Torino


Red Wines Worth the Search, $15 to $30

Don David Malbec 2007

A Lisa Malbec 2008

Ben Marco Malbec 2007

Feliao Malbec 2008

Colome Malbec Estate 2006