In Italy we focus on several well-known areas, a few that aren't yet widely recognized, and on some grapes you aren't likely to be familiar with yet. Piedmont, Veneto, and Tuscany start off our areas, followed by areas in the Southern part of the boot, and Sicily.

Wines featured at The Wine House

Giorgio La Massa

Allegrini Amarone


Italian Wine Resources

Wikipedia's entry on Italian wines has an excellent map of all of the administrative regions which correspond to the wine-making regions.

The Wine Advocate Issue #185 features articles on several regions of Italy and many wine ratings, including Piedmont and Veneto among others. Issue #184 featured Tuscany, and also Italian wine values, noting that many Italian producers pay as much attention to their value wines as to their super-high end premium wines. (Note, membership is required for Wine Advocate articles. It's a resource we love, and know that some of our customers also subscribe to it.)