Sparkling wines and Champagne

Sparkling Wine and ChampagneThe Wine House is very happy to be able to have an outstanding selection of Sparkling Wines, Champagnes, Cavas and Proseccos to offer you.

Whether it's a special occasion, or a sparkling wine to go with an Asian dish, we have them covered. Stop in and see our selection! We have brought quite a few into the store that we find to outdrink their prices, and that pair well with many dishes. Sparkling wines aren't just for special occasions anymore - they are wines that many people drink just because they like them, and because they have terrific flavor profiles for drinking alone (or with company) and with food.

Champagne, Sparkling Wine, Prosecco, and Cava featured at The Wine House


Resources to learn more about Sparkling Wines and all of their variations